Misogynist (2013) – Based On Real Events! WTF?

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Misogynist is the type of movie that will change cinema, pushing it forward or back into more controlled territory. It’s the type of movie that’s designed to shock and to get people talking, good or bad. It’s also the type of movie that will piss off feminists to no end. I predict that most feminists will either ignore the underlying moral of the story or they’ll just choose to ignore it so that they can point to it as a “prime example” of something or other. Actually, a lot of women will do this, feminist or not. However, the potential critical backlash of this film doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the potential for some witless male viewer to take certain messages in the film for scripture and then to apply them to his own life. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but it could, because as the movie’s official Facebook states, “This film depicts events and people who were real.”

misogynist posterThe title of this film doesn’t exactly leave room for wonder and speculation, but as the trailer above reveals it’s less about hating women than it is about controlling them. Apparently, controlling women means treating them worse than a dog, so you’re going to have to hate them enough to treat them so poorly. Misogynist is about Trevor (Jon Briddell), who conducts secret underground seminars on how to dominate women. Harrison (Jonathan Bennett) is Trevor’s star pupil, but he starts to question things.

The film’s writer/director, Michael Matteo Rossi, spoke with Fangoria to describe the film’s main character:

Trevor is in the same vein as Patrick Bateman of American Psycho and Tyler Durden of Fight Club—a cult character. Some people will love him, a lot will hate him. At the end of the film, however, he is the person who will stand out and resonate with the audience for a long, long time. You will not forget about him.

That’s a pretty bold statement to make, but I have the feeling “forgetting” Trevor won’t be a choice of yours to make.

Misogynist synopsis:

A male chauvinist guru guides his best prodigy through the art of controlling women, only for the student to find out he is not everything that he seems.

We don’t have a release date to tell you about, but we’ll keep you posted.

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