VitalyzdTv – Best Friday The 13th Prank In Tha Hood [VIDEO]

The slick pranksters over at VitalyzdTv are at it again, but this time they just stepped it up a notch in the hood with a chainsaw and the iconic goalie mask that everyone dreads from Friday the 13th.

This is far from the brightest prank they ever did, in fact, they’re all pretty stupid, but they work and usually put a smile on your face. However, to pull off a crazy stunt like this in the hood requires balls bigger than Jason Voorhees’ because one of these days somebody is going to get shot, especially in tha hood. I don’t know how much sherm this guy smoked to think up this idea, but it’s definitely hilarious and a perfect way to enjoy one of the best days of the year, Friday the 13th baby!

Although the video has been release a bit ahead of schedule, I’m still pretty sure you won’t mind checking this one out before tomorrow.

Enjoy and share the clip!

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