Rachelle Nicole Hoffman: Body Suit Of Horror [Interview]

rachelle nicole hoffman

So you have your own tattoo parlor, Ritual Addictions, can you tell us a little bit about how you started the business?
I’ve been piercing for a long time. I wanted more of a challenge, wanted to be more involved in the industry, so I decided I wanted to own a shop.

When did you first open the doors to your business?
This shop has been open for three years.

And from what i’ve noticed, you’re pretty successful there. Recently you held a “customer appreciation” day. How did that go?
It went amazing. We stayed busy all day, had a great turn out. We will be doing those more often to show our customers how much we truly appreciate them.

So you have all this amazing ink, a well-known tattoo business… you’re also a top tattoo model. When did this become a hobby or interest?
About a year ago I started doing tattoo-related shoots just for fun [and] after that I did a few I started posting them. I had more hits to work with other photographers and it just started becoming more and more often. I love doing it.

Who would you say is your favorite photographer? And why would you recommend them to up-and-coming models?
That’s a rough one, I have so many that I love working with. To name a few: Keith Selle, super talented, Alex Gomez, Stacy Michael, Chuck Condron, Cody Wayne… and that’s just to name a few. I would recommend all of them; they are amazing photographers and great to work with.

When were you first introduced to Keith Selle? I’ve noticed he’s done quite a number of shoots with a large number of tattoo models. How many shoots would you say you’ve done with him?
I met and shot with Keith this past February and since then I’ve had three photo shoots with him.

Earlier this year, I believe it was January, you had created a brand new Facebook page… It is now September. Did you ever think you would have over 23,000 fans?
No, I had no clue it would get so big so quickly. That actually shocked me. But I’m very grateful for all the support and help I get with my page.

A couple months ago you were featured in a music video, where you shared a small role with another tattoo model. How much fun was that?
It was really fun. She is a friend of mine, so it is always fun being able to hang with friends while you work.

I happened to like the video myself. Those long legs of yours made you tower over everyone.
With heels I usually do tower over everyone (laughs).

Tell me a little about your music taste. I know you’re a huge fan of Rob Zombie, and I believe I saw that you went to two of his concerts within a matter of weeks just to see the epic rocker.
I do travel to see Zombie. He is my favorite and puts on an amazing show. I will be going back out to Cali soon to see him again. I do concerts a lot. I’ll travel for a few bands like System of a Down, Korn, Static X, Manson… One of my favorite things is to attend concerts as much as I can.

Well, Rachelle, on behalf of Yell! Magazine, it was a complete honor to talk to you. If there is one piece of advice you would like to give the fans, what would you want to say to them?
Thank you so much! My advice would be don’t give up on your dreams. Set goals and push for them, no matter how long it takes. Enjoy life and make the best of things. Positivity goes a long way.

Visit Ritual Addictions Tattoo at: www.ritualaddictions.com

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