Call of Duty: Ghosts – Single-Player Campaign Trailer Looks Unbelievable

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I love Call of Duty, and I love single-player campaigns, because as my partner in crime, King Hazard, knows, I truly suck at multiplayer. Gamespot just posted the Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player campaign trailer (below), and I have to say that it looks amazing. Despite a trailer filled with cut scenes and no gameplay, I know I will be spending a good amount of time playing this game, and it’ll be especially fun to do battle in space. Wait! Do carbon-based weapons work in space?

Call of Duty: Ghosts synopsis:

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place in a near future following a catastrophic event that changed the global balance of powers in the world. As a result, the United States lost its superpower status and was reduced into rural ruins in the mainland after the event with only a few areas remaining somewhat powerful. Ten years later, a powerful enemy emerges as a threat to the United States, but remnants of U.S. special operation forces from every branch came together to create an elite group of soldiers known as the “Ghosts,” who are determined to eradicate all threats to protect the weak and the remains of America.

Now that sounds like awesome good fun.

COD: Ghosts will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, and Wii U on November 5, 2013

Rock Hard \m/

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