54 Seconds Of Insanity

If you have 54 seconds to spare, and if you like beer, you should check out this rad little video from Austrian thrashers, Insanity Alert. Everyone knows that a tropical vacation means drinking copious amounts of alcohol on sandy beaches, but when metalheads do it, they get bloody — especially when the damn twist-off top ain’t one!

“Twist-Off Betrayal” comes off of Insanity Alert’s 2013 EP, Second Opinion. Clearly, judging from what looks to be a Weekend at Bernie’s-inspired video by Max Raggl, the band is into drinking and smoking pot… and maybe some B-movie horror blood. We’re down with that.

insanity alert second opinionThere’s always room for one more — I’m talking about a thrash band, not another beer — especially when that thrash band brings to the table a sound that’s reminiscent of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies. If you’re digging Insanity Alert as much as we are, head on over to their bandcamp page and download their stuff. You can do it for free since you can name your price, but c’mon, support the music you love and throw a couple bucks their way.

Rock Hard \m/

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