Suicide Monday: It’s Chile In Here

nahp suicide
Eliona SuicideEliona SuicideEliona SuicideEliona SuicideEliona SuicideNahp SuicideNahp SuicideNahp SuicideNahp SuicideNahp SuicideNahp Suicide

Nahp Suicide

nahp suicide
Age: 29 (May 19, 1984)
Occupation: Copywriter
My idea of a good time: A long, slow, late dinner with friends
Into: Animals, photography, tattoos, body piercings, natural beauty, love and eternal love, sex, chocolate, sushi, movies, skirts, dresses, black hair, black color, converse, pin-up style, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’90s, socks, nature
Not into: Dead animals, lies, taking the trash out, drama,irresponsibility
Makes me happy: Getting a new tattoo, my boy, cute animals, love, kisses, 100% sincerity, exercise, sushi, weekends, tattoos, sex, my music, underwear, chocolate, cooking, good job, true, apple, iPhone
Makes me sad: Lies, cheating, suffering animals, workig late or weekends, banks, negativity, PC, silence, bad weather, can’t do exercise
Hobbies: Sleep, movies, design, Internet, photography
5 things I can’t live without: My music, iPhone, love, animals, fruit juice

Bands: Korn, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Audioslave, Deftones

Films: Frankenweenie, Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Caribean, Fight Club, The Virgin Suicides, Requiem for a Dream, Batman: The Dark Knight, Limitless, Toy Story, Just Married

TV shows: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Spartacus, Big Bang Theory, Futurama, True Blood, Mythbusters, Dexter, The Simpsons, Lost

Rock Hard \m/

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