Xbox One: First TV Ad Is A Bit (…)

xbox one tv ad

Stupid. That’s what the first ad is. Obviously the NFL, and to a lesser extent Skype, paid Microsoft a hefty sum. Nothing else can explain why Microsoft would choose to feature Fantasy Football and the social-media aspect of it instead of, I don’t know, showing actual gameplay. It is a gaming console, right?

I know, I know, the NFL’s regular season gets underway today and Microsoft probably wants to get football fans interested in the Xbox One. It just seems odd to me to launch an ad campaign at a demographic that isn’t gaming specific. Sure, there’s some crossover interest between football fans and gamers, but I wouldn’t say a whole lot (of course that’s pure speculation). Besides, the Xbox One won’t be out until the end of November, so what’s the point in trying to appeal to football fans at this point?

What do you think? Did Microsoft make a savvy move for their first TV ad? Or did they miss the mark?

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