Suicide Monday: Who Likes Big Booty?

alle suicide
Alle SuicideAlle SuicideAlle SuicideAlle SuicideAlle SuicideMendacia SuicideMendacia SuicideMendacia SuicideMendacia SuicideMendacia Suicide

Menacia Suicide

mendacia suicide
Age: 20 (December 24, 1992)
Occupation: Mermaid
Gets me hot: Kisses on my neck, talk dirty
Into: Another dimension
Makes me happy: Storms, pro-weed movies. LowBrow art
5 things I can’t live without: Art, ear plugs, bed, weed, and to confirm my nerd tendencies Internet
Vices: Weed, dreams
I spend most of my free time: Drawing, smoking, baking cakes, browsing

Bands: Italian HIP-HOP, Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit, Blondie, M.I.A., Amy Winehouse, Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Weasel Busters, Kid Cudi

Films: Big Fish, Blow, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 7 Pounds, Georgia Rule, Trainspotting, Full Metal Jacket, Requiem for a Dream, Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

TV shows: Breaking Bad, Malcolm, Prison Break, Wilfred, Matt Groening cartoons, Weeds, Happy Tree Friends

Rock Hard \m/

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