“Deadly Presence” Will Spread Worldwide

Masked Films’ Deadly Presence was just recently acquired by Maxim Media International for worldwide distribution. There are no official release dates yet (we’ll keep you posted), but the expectation is to soon see a DVD and VOD release with a Brain Damage Films imprint.

Maxim Media International, a worldwide distributor of independent horror films has acquired Deadly Presence for worldwide distribution. Plans are underway to release the film on DVD and Video On Demand with the North America imprint Brain Damage Films. Official artwork and release dates are coming soon!

A Deadly Focus

Shane Cole, writer/director, with the help of Derek Cole, has made character development and mystery two central focuses in Deadly Presence. With an old-school feel, it’s apparent that homework has been done and classic horror films have been studied. Obviously, a haunted house film is nothing new, so it will be interesting to see what sort of twists are introduced to make this film stand out.

Deadly Presence synopsis:

deadly-presenceAndie, Candace, and Julie were looking for a night of fun when they decided to stay at the Stanton house, a house rumored to be haunted. Several months later Andie receives a phone call from Candace inviting her over to catch up. When Andie arrives at her apartment, she can’t help but notice Candace’s strange behavior and decides to stay the night. The following morning Andie wakes up to find a journal and video from Candace and soon after, discovers her dead in the bathtub.

After viewing the video, Andie stays another night at the apartment upon Candace’s request. Unsure of what to do, Andie tries seeking answers in the journal that Candace left behind. Andie realizes that Candace’s strange behavior started just days following their stay at the Stanton house. Is the house really haunted? Andie soon finds out for herself.

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