Lamb Of God Being Billed As Satanic

lamb of god

lamb of god

It seems to be a bit of a Lamb of God day today. We already reported on Randy Blythe’s short film, The Devil Is the Details, and now the band is being named a Satanic act by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia.

Can Lamb of God get a break?

Lamb of God is scheduled to play Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on September 28th, but Datuk Othman Mustapha, the director general of the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia, is trying to keep that show from happening, claiming that LOG is Satanic and heavy metal in general is detrimental to Muslim morality and faith. Mustapha stated in the New Straits Time:

Lamb of God had drawn many controversies and was dubbed a ‘Satanic’ band that fitted evil spirituality and anti-godliness even by the Christian community. The organizing of such events do not only corrode morality but also the faith of Muslims. Performances by heavy metal outfits that were often extreme also encouraged its audience to lose control.

Wow! Right? Granted, there are Satanic heavy metal bands, or at least bands with Satanic lyrics, but Lamb of God is not one of them. The music is, however, extreme, loud, and heavy, and fans do lose control — good! That’s what it’s supposed to do. You’re supposed to get pissed off. You’re supposed to vent your anger and frustrations. In the end, it’s therapeutic and cathartic, helping you cope with your day-to-day stresses.

I get that the authorities are likely trying to simply protect their culture and values, and protect their youths, but banning a band from performing isn’t going to keep said band out of the kids’ bedrooms or off their smartphones. The music is out there, and if the kids want it, they’re going to get it regardless of what “protections” are put in place.

Let’s hope this blows over for the Malaysian kids’ sake.

Rock Hard \m/

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