“Be The Zombie” Mode Announced For Dying Light

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Earlier today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the “Be the Zombie” mode for the upcoming Dying Light game. As the mode’s name suggests, Be the Zombie gives gamers the opportunity to play as a zombie in multiplayer. Dying Light will be released across current- and next-gen platforms, and PC, in 2014, and currently the only way to have the Be the Zombie mode at launch is to pre-order the game. Whether or not everyone will, at some point, have access to the mode remains to be determined.

I don’t think many people dream of becoming a zombie like some people dream of becoming a vampire, werewolf, superhero, or porn star, which is why Techland developers have wisely chosen to make your zombie a little more bad ass. You will play as a breed of zombie known as a “night hunter,” and you will have special skills like super speed, a grapple tool, and special attacks. And, according to Gamespot.com, the night hunter will have a special skill tree for players to advance through.

The Dead Island studio at Techland in Poland is currently developing the open-world game with a day/night cycle. The game will be flirting with gamers (i.e., playable) at PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle, Washington.

Let us know if you’re excited about the Be the Zombie mode in the comments section below. We think it’s pretty bad-ass.

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