[PIC] Yell This! Tom Savini: A Zombie Lovers Call To Arms

tom savini call to arms

tom savini call to arms

As we mentioned last week, zen master of movie magic Tom Savini may be directing an upcoming zombie flick, Death Island. We also mentioned that this Savini project will be a “crowd funded” doodad, which means that you can be a part of this landmark movie experience.

Tom Savini is among the original zombie progenitors, and as stated over at www.letsmakeazombiemovie.com, Death Island promises to make zombies scary again while presenting them in a way that will “shock and thrill audiences.” There are plenty of goodies to be had if you help get this film going, including exclusive artwork, posters, autographed props, and maybe even a part as a zombie or a speaking part in the film.

Also, check out this revealing Death Island pitch video from Tom Savini:

Rock Hard \m/

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