Dead Rising 2 – Now Free For Xbox LIVE Gold Members

Dead Rising 2

Now that Dead Rising 3 is currently under development by Capcom Vancouver, it may be a good time to catch up on the open-world survival-horror franchise and give Dead Rising 2 a try or another whirl. Either way you have nothing to lose because the game is being offered for free for a limited time, including Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Well, not entirely free because you still need to be an XBox LIVE gold member to take part in the Games With Gold program, which offers two free Xbox 360 games, available the 1st and 16th of each month. That’s pretty much the only catch here, but if you’re not feeling the membership, then you will need to go the old route and purchase Dead Rising 2 for $29.99, or Dead Rising 2: Case Zero for 400 points.

Like I said earlier, the free offer is limited and you have until August 31st to download it.

Grab it quick before it’s gone!

About Dead Rising 2

Set several years after the events of the first game in the series, Dead Rising 2 contains all the fun and over-the-top carnage that gamers associate with a zombie apocalypse. As with all releases in the Dead Rising series, it is a survival-horror game. Players take on the role of an all-new character, with equally new motivations to survive and resources to do so. These resources include new weapons, expanded weapon combination/creation possibilities, and even two-player co-op functionality. The game also features a 4-player online multiplayer mode, an optional prologue to the game available as downloadable content and a dramatic increase in the number of zombies that can be faced at once.

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