BornBroken Interview: Is Death/Thrashcore A Real Thing?

BornBroken Interview

No.13 When it comes to writing for the next album, how do you think you’re going to fit in?

Matt: Well, I’ve heard their next material that we’re going to do and I think I’ll fit in perfect. It’s more… you should explain it…

Mike: Well, we’re going a little heavier. We’re going more seven string, little more lower tuning, Suicide Silence/White Chapel sort of tuning, but still with our flavor, still with the thrashy mood breaks but with the lower tuning.

Matt: Very, uh, more aggressive.

No.14 Is it less bouncy?

Mike and Matt in stereo: Nooo, no. It bounces.

Mike: You’re still gonna know it’s us, it’s just gonna be in a little bit different tuning. Whether we do the whole album in that tuning or not is another story.

Matt: It’s more of a kick in the face, if you will.

No.15 One thing that I really enjoy on the album is the interludes, the intros, outros, and accoustics and stuff…

Matt: I’m pretty sure there’ll be stuff like that.

Mike: We wanted to do a bit more of that, but that had a lot to do with the concept album. We’re gonna try and do some of that, but this will be more of a straight-forward approach.

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