Ticket Giveaway For The Premiere Of Dead 2: India At FrightFest 2013

The Dead 2 (2013)

The Dead 2 (2013)

Calling all zombie fans, specifically ones of The Dead franchise directed by the Ford Brothers. George A. Romero fans are also very welcome to join the party. We got a special announcement to make just for all of you, thanks to the crew of the upcoming sequel entitled Dead 2: India.

Earlier we touched on the film when it was confirmed to premiere as the opening film at Film 4 FrightFest in London on August 22. Now you have a chance to win in advance of the premiere one of two tickets to see Dead 2. The winner also gets to have an evening of fun with the Ford Brothers and star Joseph Millson at the after party.

How to enter?

If this contest piques your interests, all you need to do is tell them what you would do in order to #StayAlive during the zombie apocalypse through any social media website (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, etc). Remember, you must use the hashtag #StayAlive to win.

In additon to the grand prize, smaller ones are also being offered such as signed copies of The Dead 2 and director Howard Ford’s book Surviving the Dead. Lastly, one-of-a-kind props from The Dead and The Dead 2 will also be offered as prizes. These actual props were used on-set in Africa and India and can be seen in both films. Beyond being just mere memorabilia, these props are genuine artifacts of zombie film history and will be coveted by fans of the zombie film genre.

If you need any tips, you might want to check out our video interview with Matt Heafy from Trivium for awesome survival tips.

Good luck!

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