Kane Hodder – The Man Behind The Mask To Appear At Fantasia 2013

Who wouldn’t shit their pants if they came across an email requesting to interview horror legend Kane Hodder at the Fantasia Film Festival this year? Well, that was the case for us a few days ago and we’re honored by it, and terrified at the same time.

We definitely plan to meet Hodder at the annual festival to get all the gritty details on what it takes to be a stuntman in the industry and get a good understand on all the challenges it took to be a horror icon like Jason Voorhees or, in more recent years, Victor Crowley from Adam Green’s Hatchet series.

All this will happen soon enough since Sinister Cinema, Raven Banner and Cineplex have teamed to present Hatchet III for a special screening in Montreal at Fantasia on Wednesday July 24th. That’s a date you might want to make sure is marked in your calender because Hodder will be doing a Q&A with horror fans as well.

Fantasia’s co-director of International Programming, Mitch Davis said,

“We love what Raven Banner is doing with their Sinister Cinema events, and are immensely happy to be teaming up with them to co-present HATCHET III in Montreal. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll able to convince Kane Hodder to stick around and run for Mayor!”

Hatchet III will be screened at the Cineplex Odeon Forum Cinemas in Montreal.

Stay tuned on Yell! Magazine for more updates on Fantasia.

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