BornBroken Is Broken, But Is It Fixed?



I recently reviewed BornBroken’s debut album, The Healing Powers of Hate, which I absolutely loved. As such, it comes as a great disappointment to learn that due to personal reasons vocalist Jesus Anzola Salazar has had to leave the band.

However, things are not yet finished for BornBroken. The Montreal-based band has already found a replacement vocalist from their local scene. Matt Bailie, formerly of The Catalyst, will take over on the mic starting July 12th.

Guitarist Mike Decker has issued the following statement:

“We had come to a pass in the road; Jesus had some tough life decisions, which came down to no longer being able to sing for BornBroken. We have had two great years with Jesus and recorded a stellar debut CD. We wish him the best in his future projects and health. Thanks for everything! To all our fans, this bump in the road came with a glimmer of hope at the end. BornBroken was able to quickly fill the empty spot in the lineup and is happy to announce The Catalyst’s ex-frontman, Matt Bailie, as the new singer. We will debut our live show with Matt on July 12th in Montreal at Foufounes Electriques supporting The Agonist.”

Matt Bailie also stated:

“I would like to thank Mike, Simon, Tommy, and Joe for the opportunity to once again destroy and dominate on stage. BornBroken has big things planned for the not so distant future and I am glad to be a part of it. This is a new chapter for me musically and I personally cannot wait to unleash our music upon the masses, “Hear our cries… the Broken shall rise.”

I’ve also covered The Catalyst, and to be perfectly honest I didn’t like them. Since the two bands have distinctive musical styles, I’ll reserve any prejudgment until I see Bailie play with BornBroken. I’m hoping that he doesn’t influence the band to change direction toward a more Death-oriented sound. That would be a shame.

I’m hoping it works out. History has proved that it can work out when a new band loses the original singer early on: Iron Maiden and Killswitch Engage come to mind immediately.

If you happen to be in the Montreal area on Jully 12th, make sure to check out BornBroken as they open for The Agonist at Foufounes Electriques.

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