BornBroken “The Healing Powers Of Hate” (2013) – Review

BornBroken 2013

BornBroken 2013

“Old News” ups the tempo with some crazy-ass percussion and the bass guitar gets some action, playing yo-yo-like chords. If you thought the opening track was hard, “Old News” takes it to another level, and the track closes with some of that awesome chug-chug-chug I mentioned earlier.

“Anger of the Day” brings back some memories of Anthrax, especially with the opening line “Today’s the day I love to hate” before the guitars kick in. After the song’s melody is established, we get a wicked bass line that sounds like something Suicidal Tendencies would have written. Overall the track has a sound reminiscent of old thrash and hardcore.

“I Will Rise” is the first “traditional” thrash song on The Healing Powers of Hate. It’s also the first track to feature the gravity blast. I say most “traditional,” but keep in mind that it’s nothing like old Metallica, Megadeth, or Death Angel. And you just gotta love the song’s exit – a fucking gong! Who uses gongs anymore? So sweet.

“It Has Begun” has the longest spoken-word intro, and this is the track that most resembles Fear Factory circa Obsolete. From the intro to the music to the vocals to the drums, it sounds like a total homage to Fear Factory. And it has the most sophisticated guitar solo until this point on the album.

“Birth of the Broken” opens with more spoken-word drama and is introduced with some funky, tribal drumming and bass. I love the intro, but overall this track does overdo it on the chug-chug-chug breakdown.

“Bleed the Sky” is the track that you will want to crank the volume up on. The vocals are brutal and the song will rip you a new one with its straight-up heaviness.

“Reborn From Ashes” has that latter-day Slayer sound, well, at least until the end when we get a piano outro, which is lullaby creepy.

Title tracks don’t usually appear as the last song on the album, but, here it sits. “The Healing Powers of Hate” probably best defines BornBroken, being a mix of thrash, hardcore, death, and extreme metal. It’s also the album’s most accomplished song, and live it undoubtedly provides the chance for the audience to chant along with the band.

The Healing Power of Hate personnel:

– All Drum Tracks performed by Brian Craig/Recorded at studio 451

– Engineered and Mixed by Hugues Deslauriers
– Recorded by Mathieu Marcotte
– Guitars, Bass, Vocals & Xtras – Recorded by Mathieu Marcotte at Human Noise Studio

– Album Mixed and Mastered by Hugues Deslauriers
– Guitars Reamp by Chris Donaldson at Garage Studio
– “It Has Begun” Solo by Mathieu Marcotte & Mike Decker
– Intros & Outros – Simon Savard, Mike Decker

The Verdict: [rating:4]

If I sounded like I was gushing above, that’s because I am. This is an excellent album, one that I’ll be playing all summer. Admittedly, the way BornBroken concludes their songs is a bit one dimensional, but the diversity on this album more than makes up for it. I love how they’ve managed to subtly blend their influences into their music without coming off as clones.

This is a debut metal album of epic proportions. If it’s not the Canadian metal album of the year, it’s certainly in the running for Canadian debut metal album.

The musicianship is excellent, even if a little repetitive. As a result, we’ll have to wait for BornBroken’s sophomore effort to truly see the extent of their talents.

BornBroken is: Simon Savard – Guitar; Jesus Salazar – Vocals; Tommy Vaillancourt – Bass; Mike Decker – Guitar; and Jonathan Ménard – Drums

The Healing Powers of Hate track listing:

1 – Can’t Quiet The Riot
2 – Old News
3 – Anger of The Day
4 – I Will Rise
5 – Control
6 – It Has Begun
7 – Birth of The Broken
8 – Bleed The Sky
9 – Reborn From The Ashes
10 – The Healing Powers of Hate

Rock Hard \m/

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