Amon Amarth – Forging Mjölnir (Part 2/3)

Amon Amarth - Forging Mjölnir (Part 2/3)

Amon Amarth – Forging Mjölnir (Part 2/3)

As you know, because you’re a faithful Yell! Magazine reader, Amon Amarth has a mini-documentary that they’re releasing in three parts. Forging Mjölnir is an insightful and intimate doc filmed in crisp black and white and it’s a great way to promote the upcoming Deceiver of the Gods album.

We brought you Part I of the Luke Daley-directed doc, and today we have Part II, in which band members recall their earliest metal memories as well as the band’s primitive beginnings.

Watch the latest 15-minute segment at (Using Chrome, I had to watch Part I again, but your viewing may vary depending on the browser.)

Guitarist Olavi Mikkonen admits this time out the band were not afraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeve:

“We decided fairly early that we should go all-in on the songwriting for this album. If we had ideas or riffs that were perhaps a little too thrash oriented or traditional-metal sounding for Amon – or that were maybe too Amon or perhaps similar to what we had done in the past – we would still keep them as long as we really liked them. A few years back we would pass on those ideas and riffs, while now we feel it was right to just go with it. I think the result is that the songs are wider, they have stronger melodies, they are better composed with lots of dynamics in them, and there are no fillers or blanks on there. Everything is as good as it can possibly be, and reflects just how driven we were to make this a great record.”

Deceiver of the Gods will be released in North America via Metal Blade Records June 25th, in Europe June 21st/24th, and in Japan on June 26th.

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