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lamb of god

We’re pretty excited about seeing Lamb of God this summer at Amnesia Rockfest, so we thought it would be a good time to share our anticipation.

In our opinion, Lamb of God is among the future giants of metal. They’re loved now, but in the years to come we’re betting they’ll be revered as much as Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, and others. It’s my personal belief that they carry the torch that Pantera lit.

LOG’s music is pure fucking intensity, and that intensity is almost palatable in this video of them playing Download in 2007. However, nothing can compare to the visceral effect of seeing them play live. If you’re seeing them with us, we’ll see you in the fucking pit.

Lamb of God – Download Festival (2007) setlist:

1- Laid to rest 1:38
2- Again we rise 5:40
3- Walk with me in hell 11:40
4- Pathetic 16:52
5- Now You got something to die for 22:17
6- Blacken the cursed sun 25:57
7- Redneck 31:29
8- Black label 35:50

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Rock Hard \m/

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