Suicide Monday: Screw Double Your Pleasure – We Got Triple Satisfaction

Charmaine Suicide

Charmaine Suicide

Age: 22 (August 27, 1990)
Location: Texas, USA
Hometown: Austin
Charmaine Suicide

Occupation: Migrant model and actress. When that doesn’t put food on the table I’m a server by day and tattoo apprentice by night! Soon I’ll be inking all you lovely ladies!
Heroes: Dylan Atticus Ross, Carl Jung, Ram Das, Michio Kaku, Alyssa Jo
Gets me hot: Confidence; straightforward, no bullshit brutal honesty, intelligence, good hair
Makes me happy: Conversation, pretty lingerie, kisses, cuddlin’ naked, painting, writing, getting lost in a good book, getting dolled up, shoes, manicures and pedicures, sunbathing, rings
Charmaine Suicide
Films: Waking Life;, Girl, Interupted; Bug
Books: Life After Death, Choice Theory, A Grief Observed, Johnny Got His Gun, Hyperspace, Slaughterhouse Five, Cats Cradle, Gasoline
TV shows: Breaking Bad, I Survived, Beyond and Back

Ah, and a surprise third SG this Monday, Felynx Suicide…

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