Heavy Metal Videos – The Sexy Kind

No.10 The Pretty Reckless – “My Medicine”

By virtue of Taylor Momsen being on vocals, anything The Pretty Reckless is does is gonna lead to a sexy video. Not so much a sexy Heavy Metal video as a Hard Rock video, but sexy nonetheless. Add a topless porn star, Jenna Haze, to the mix, and you have one sexy video. Personally, I don’t care what the naysayers say about Cindy Lou Who, she can write a song, has great vocals, and the end result, The Pretty Reckless, are pretty damn good.

No.9 Buckcherry – “Crazy Bitch”

This video was so sexy that Buckcherry had to film two versions. The version presented here features boobies. For whatever reason, chicks love this song – maybe they’re all “crazy bitches.” I don’t really know what else to say (boobies tend to say it all), but Buckcherry is just about the most well-established and respectable bands on this list.

No.8 Probot – “Shake Your Blood”

Probot was/is Dave Grohl’s little heavy metal side project. There’s only one Probot album, though there are rumors of a Probot 2, and each track varied slightly and featured a different vocalist. “Shake Your Blood” put Lemmy Kilmister up front, and the video features a few of our favorite things in the world – SuicideGirls.

No.7 Jettblack – “Two Hot Girls”

Don’t let this song’s title fool you; there’s at least a dozen sexy women dancing around the band in this pretty boring video. I can just hear the director giving direction on the set, “OK, now, dance. Now bend over. Now shake it. Now bounce.” Yes, this is the degrading kind of video they taught about in women’s studies.

No.6 Texas Hippie Coalition – “Turn It Up”

I don’t know how to react to this band or song. All I know is that the song is about a girl becoming a stripper and the video features strippers. It’s also something I came across and serves as part of the inspiration for this article – so I couldn’t really leave it off the list.

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