Heavy Metal Videos – The Sexy Kind

Heavy Metal Videos - The Sexy Kind

Heavy Metal Videos – The Sexy Kind

Half the reason guys start playing music is because they want to impress chicks. Shit, KISS even sang about the transfer of finger dexterity from the fretboard to the G-spot in “Great Expectations”:

“And you watch me playin’ guitar
And you feel what my fingers can do
And you wish you were the one I was doing it to”

But once a band has reached the level of producing videos, they want to show off just how impressed the girls have been. Enter the subgenre of Heavy Metal Videos that feature sexy women.

Yes, I took Women’s Studies in university, and even understood the perspective that these types of Heavy Metal Videos objectify women. However, there’s the perspective that this is just fantasy (for most of us). Besides, a quick search on the Internet will reveal that men today are just as objectified as women, and that men are expected to have 8-pack abs with near 0% body fat. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s the new reality. And if women’s studies courses are going to point to Heavy Metal Videos as an example, can they please stop identifying Motley Crue’s 30-year-old “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

I won’t testify to the quality of the music on this list of sexy Heavy Metal videos, most of which is modern sleaze or glam metal, but I think there are a couple of gems that you’ll appreciate. I’ve also tried to keep the entries fairly recent while avoiding Nickelback and My Darkest Days.

No.13 Tankard – “A Girl Called Cerveza”

Our first entry on our list of sexy Heavy Metal videos is a cautionary one. Tankard, a band notorious for singing about one thing and one thing only, sings about “A Girl Called Cerveza,” which is a euphemism for “beer goggles,” which is a euphemism for drinking too much and bedding a chick whom you thought was hotter than she actually was. These are the “last call girls” who are quick to accept any invitation at the end of the night.

Even if you don’t like this jam or don’t think the main girl is all that hot, stick around for the ending. It’s pretty hilarious.

No.12 3 Inches of Blood – “Metal Woman”

Can you tell we’re easing into these sexy Heavy Metal videos? So far the list has been far less about sluts strutting around than it has been about women and the heavy metal lifestyle. Canada’s 3 Inches of Blood present us with “Metal Woman,” a tough-as-nails thrash/power metal ode to the women of metal. A Metal Woman is what we all want.

No.11 Nasty Habit – “Hip Shakin’ Fox”

OK, yes, there’s a sexy girl with car trouble and a garage full of horny mechanics. Nasty Habit is a relatively new band; they’ve been around since 2008, but back then they were known as Grime. Formed by brothers Tommy and Kenny Ende, while just barely old enough to drive, Grime went through some lineup shifts and changes and by 2012 they were done playing covers and released their first album. The band is a total throwback to ‘80s sleaze metal, and “Hip Shakin’ Fox” has that undeniable stripper grove.

Follow the jump for more sexy Heavy Metal videos, you won’t regret it…

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