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Are you a horror fan? If you’re reading Yell! Magazine, you just might be. Well, there’s good news for you today; ScreampiX, the first horror-based YouTube subscription channel, launched today.

So what you say? YouTube has tons of free movies available. Sure, you’re right, but the flicks on ScreampiX are full-lenghth, unedited, and without commercials. With over 200 hours and more than 100 movies to choose from, ScreampiX also offers trailers, interviews, and more.

Founder, Daniel March, stated:

“ScreampiX is more than a movie channel; We are creating a vertical video portal to satiate horror fans by taking subscribers deeper into the genre, offering advanced levels of curation, encouraging interaction around the movies, and ultimately creating a very active and lively community.”

ScreampiX offers subscribers a ton of categories to choose from, and there’s a user-suggested shelf.

ScreampiX is available in the U.S. and Canada right now for $2.99 per month. Additional launches in the UK, France, and Brazil is anticipated later in the year.

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