Haunting Melissa App – A New Horror Format

We’re pretty used to seeing the music industry trying out new ways to present/package material, but when it comes to films, not so much. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Haunting Melissa, which will be released to iOS users in 11 installments.

Each installment of the Haunting Melissa will be spontaneous, meaning you won’t know when it’s coming, and it’s duration will be unknown. Also, typical video controls will be disabled

Haunting Melissa App

Haunting Melissa synopsis:

“No one knows why Melissa vanished. She warned her friends that some ghostly presence had awakened in the isolated farmhouse where she lived… something that whispered to her from the locked room where her mother went mad and died. Now she’s gone… and no one knows what unearthly horror had risen from the past and was… Haunting Melissa.

Little by little, all will be revealed.

You’ve never seen anything like this, because there’s never been a haunting quite like this. The first-of-its-kind Haunting Melissa is a terrifying tale with twists and frights that you won’t soon forget. Delivered piece by piece when you least expect it – and want it most – Haunting Melissa will scare you into discovering the truth.”

The Haunting Melissa App and first episode is up on iTunes for free.

Is this a delivery system you’re interested in? Will you give Haunting Melissa a shot?

Rock Hard \m/

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