Age Of Taurus Is “A Rush Of Power”

Age Of Taurus Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times

Age Of Taurus Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times“A Rush of Power” is the newly released single from Age of Taurus‘ upcoming album, Desperate Souls of Tortured Times – and it’s a wicked journey of fuzzed out, old-school, and doomy guitars. The vocals (Toby Wright) are haunting and the drums are monstrous. There really isn’t much to dislike about this track.

You can stream the track over at And don’t forget to check out the unforgettable “Embrace the Stone” above.

Desperate Souls of Tortured Times will be available on May 28th in North America.

More about Age of Taurus:

Formed in 2009 by vocalist/guitarist Toby Wright, Age of Taurus was initially a one-man doom metal mission. Inspired by masters of the craft like Candlemass, Trouble and Revelation, the project was intended more as a studio affair rather than something more alive. However, after increasing interest in the band and a succession of glowing reviews of debut demo ‘In the Days of the Taurean Empire’, Toby decided that there was no turning back and duly put together a fully working line up; enter bassist Richard Bruce, lead guitarist Alastair Riddell and drummer Darius Claydon.

The band quickly began writing together and started to develop and define a sound that suited their combined musical direction. With their feet still firmly planted in the doom metal field, the group were able to explore other paths of influence, particularly bass-driven seventies hard rock and the oh-so-punishing twin guitar attacks that ruled the speakers during NWOBHM’s golden years.

Produced by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Angel Witch, Hexvessel, Ghost), Desperate Souls of Tortured Times is a 42 minute collection of material written during their transition over the past three years. It’s an unashamedly heavy voyage down a road less travelled, where each of the seven songs acts as a chapter from an altogether longer tale. Monstrous, mountain-shaking riffs are order of the day in the Empire, stepping aside only for Riddell’s searing leads to take hold, whilst the lock-tight Bruce/Claydon rhythm section underpins all. Heading the charge from centre stage, Wright’s lyrics act as a vivid narrative, painting pictures of ancient ritual and sprawling landscapes, somewhat reminiscent of Manilla Road and Brocas Helm in their prime. Some might assume that DSOTT is a concept album, however in reality, Age of Taurus is more like a ‘concept band’, intent on delivering undiluted and intriguing heavy metal to all that will listen.

So come one, come all and let your eyes and mind be open to a long-forgotten era; the Age of Taurus…

Rock Hard \m/


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