Orchid Stream New Album, The Mouths Of Madness

orchid mouth of madness

orchid mouths of madnessDoom is in, in 2013. I have a feeling I’ll be expressing this sentiment all year. Every time a doom album (whether it’s doom metal or doom rock) crosses my desk, I’m surprised. I might get to the point that I start groaning “not another doom record” when one does, but for now it’s still kind of exciting to see a resurgence in the genre – especially when so much of it is good.

The latest to come to my attention is Orchid‘s The Mouths of Madness, which is streaming in its entirety over at CVLT Nation.

The Mouths of Madness went on sale May 14th, so streaming it now is the perfect thing to do if you’re unsure about purchasing it. I have a feeling once you hear it though, you’re gonna want this. You’ll for sure appreciate how masterfully this young band handles the classic doom genre; the album is full of monstrous riffs, haunting vocals, insane lyrics, and wicked hooks. The album was mastered by Richard Whittaker and vocals were tracked at engineer Will Storkson’s home studio.

The Mouths of Madness track listing:

01. Mouths of Madness
02. Marching Dogs of War
03. Silent One
04. Nomad
05. Mountains of Steel
06. Leaving It All Behind
07. Loving Hand of God
08. Wizard of War
09. See You on the Other Side

Rock Hard \m/

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