Was Tim Lambesis Set Up?


I think it’s about time I weighed in on the Tim Lambesis arrest and the charges against him for plotting to have his wife murdered. First, I’d like to openly admit that I’m a horrible judge of character, but I can’t be that off about a guy, can I?

I’ve interviewed Tim Lambesis twice, once in person and a second time over the phone, and the guy seemed like the real deal. He’s down to earth, gracious, courteous, polite, calm, soft spoken – basically he’s the total opposite of the persona you see on stage when he performs. He’s more like the good Christian he professes to be. Most of me believes he is still this man. Most of me can’t believe that he would engage in such a conspiracy. But while most of me believes this and disbelieves that, there’s a trickle of doubt that has entered my thoughts.

But I won’t judge until there’s a verdict, and I certainly won’t let this affect my appreciation for his craft. I hope that you’ll do the same.

You probably already know the basics: Tim Lambesis was arrested on May 7th and arraigned on May 9th. At one point there was no bail set, but was set at $20 million and again to $3 million. Charges have also been reduced, but if the original charges had stuck, Lambesis would be facing life in prison instead of the nine he’s facing now.

As far as the story goes, take a listen to the following video for the DA’s (Clausio Grasso) take on the plot to kill Meggan Lambesis:

Lambesis has hired Anthony Salerno as his attorney, who has already done a lot of work in Lambesis’ favor. However, now Salerno is shifting the court’s focus, proposing that Lambesis was set up by the police, which is an indirect finger pointing at Meggan’s brother who happens to be a San Diego Sheriff’s deputy. It’s an interesting angle Salerno is going for; divorce and child custody and protecting your sister is a family affair.

Check out the video at the top for an interview with Salerno detailing the arrest, charges, and defense.

For the most part, we only have the prosecution’s side of this story, which makes it difficult to form an opinion. An easy and cheap way to look at this would be to blame Meggan. Another way to look at it is steroid use, which often comes with aggression as a side effect. And still another way to see things is that this looks like a messy divorce, a lot of fear about losing one’s children, and saying and doing things that you might not really mean.

If the documents, photos, information, and cash that Lambesis gave to the contact are real, the evidence looks detrimental to his case. If this is a setup, could that package be a plant? And what happened to the middleman at the gym: was he arrested and charged as well?

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