MMA: Silva Blames Media No Show For UFC 162 On “Miscommunication”

The undefeated No. 1 middleweight contender Chris Weidman can be slithly relieved today for Anderson Silva‘s no show for the UFC 162 media event in Los Angeles the other day since the pound-for-pound king released an unofficial statement via a Brazilian media outlet, and it does not appear like Silva wasn’t trying to disrespect his opponent, nor the UFC in any way, but the problem was caused by “miscommunication”.

MMA Fighting got the first scoop on Silva’s no show, and released the following transcription below.

“I never missed any commitment to the UFC (in the past),” Silva said (roughly translated via Google Translate). “[I’d] never plan a trip to Brazil if I knew I should be in Los Angeles. Everyone knows that I always lock my media schedule to devote myself to training, they are my priority. I am an athlete and my focus will always be to train and be prepared for the challenges.”

Since Google translate isn’t perfect. Will be waiting for the official anouncement by Silva, or his manager Ed Soares on the matter, which should come shortly and we’ll keep you in the loop here on Yell! Magazine.

Stay tuned!

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