A Haunting At Silver Falls (2013) Coming To DVD

The Haunting at Silver FallsI’m down for a good ghost story, which are usually the ones that make me shit myself more than others. That might have something to do with the fact that I actually believe in the existence of ghosts. Also, a good and scary story can scare me without added visual effects, which might be what director Brett Donowho was going for with A Haunting at Silver Falls:

I like the fact that Silver Falls is more mystery than horror. It is a film that relies heavily on story and character development, rather than the sudden scary jumps and visual effects often associated with the genre. I really do find this movie more dramatic, in that it is more about the story and watching it unfold, and the mysteries revealed along the way.”

It’s true, that if you read between the lines, that sounds like an excuse for low budget, but you know we love B-movies. We also know you know that some of the best movies come from big dreams and small dollars. Evil Dead, anyone?

Sure, they’re saying that A Haunting at Silver Falls is inspired by true events, but they all are these days. The film is coming to DVD May 28, 2013.

A Haunting at Silver Falls synopsis:

After the loss of her parents, Jordan (Alix Elizabeth Gitter of television’s GCB, The Wedding Band, and Blue Lagoon) is sent to live with her aunt (Tara Westwood of My Best Friend’s Wife, Surviving Family, and Douglas Brown), and uncle (Steve Bacic of television’s Big Love and The Guard) in Silver Falls, a small town on the edge of the Pacific Northwest… where she soon finds herself haunted by two victims of Silver Falls’ bloody past. Her family history, along with the sleep disturbances and chilling visions she experiences have those closest to her questioning her mental health, while she wonders who she can really trust.

Rock Hard \m/

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