Tim Lambesis Explains Pyrithion

PyrithionTim Lambesis, vocalist for As I Lay Dying, Austrian Death Machine, and most recently, Pyrithion, has posted a new video on YouTube explaining the concepts behind Pyrithion’s songs, why he decided to pursue this project, and more.

Pyrithion is wicked good and while Tim addresses the issues in his video post, we got a little deeper when we interviewed him recently. Funny, but Satanism, as Lambesis talks about in the video, never entered our thoughts, so we’re a little baffled that many fans and critics have speculated about his. Especially the fans; shouldn’t they know him by now? He’s a pretty wholesome guy, and even the tongue in cheek intro shows how well he’s able to roll with the punches instead of getting pissed off screaming like a troll about how he’s tired of being misunderstood.

Rock Hard \m/

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