UFC 159 Conference Call: Has Chael Sonnen Lost His Marbles? [AUDIO]

UFC-159-posterI’m a huge fan of UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen, but has he lost his marbles for the upcoming fight this Saturday night against Jon Jones, or does he have too much respect for the champion? No smack talk whatsoever during the entire season of The Ultimate Fighter 17, and still nothing during the recent presser. This is the worst version of Sonnen yet, and my feeling is his new gig with FOX may have something to do with it. It’s a weird side to Sonnen, I personally don’t like it, and you’ll hear it in the UFC 159 conference call that was recorded earlier today.

Thankfully, Michael Bisping still has his balls to save the day, and got the conference going in a heated verbal battle with Alan Belcher. This is the fight that has me interested now, and I have a feeling it’s going to get even more personal. Expect the UFC 159 weigh-ins to be just as entertaining between the two men this Friday evening.


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