Steven Sodenberg’s Prequel To Rock ‘N’ Roll Frankenstein

Steven Sodenberg’s Prequel To Rock N’ Roll Frankenstein

Steven Sodenberg’s Prequel To Rock N’ Roll Frankenstein

Sodenberg’s Liberace bio-pic owes a debt to obscure 2001 camp horror film

Liberace lives (or at least part of him does) in Rock ‘n’ Roll Frankenstein

Rock n Roll FrankensteinAs film fans eagerly await the HBO debut of Steven Sodenberg’s Behind The Candelabra the makers of Rock ‘n’ Roll Frankenstein would like to take a bow for the part they played in inspiring the Oscar-winning director.

It was recently revealed to Rock ‘n’ Roll Frankenstein producer Sean O’Hara that until Soderbergh happened to catch R ‘n’ R Frankenstein on Netflix, Liberace was completely off his radar. In R ‘n’ R Frankenstein a certain appendage of the deceased Vegas headliner’s anatomy ends up in the mix of a dead rockers’ body parts assembled to create The Monster. (Hint: it’s below the waist and above the thighs, and we’re not talking about his gluteus maximus – that part was expropriated from Sid Vicious!)

Producer O’Hara comments,

“It’s great when a low-budget piece of sh*t like Rock ‘n’ Roll Frankenstein can influence a major Hollywood player like Soderbergh. Of course, in our movie we depicted Liberace after his death, so that makes Behind The Candelabra a prequel to R ‘n’ R Frankie. I just hope Steven treats Lee with the same deference and respect we did in our production.” – No doubt a reference to the rampant gerbil stuffing on display in the flick.

As was widely reported in the press, Hollywood studios had no interest in Behind the Candelabra, deeming it “too gay.” O’Hara says he met the same kind of resistance from Hollywood, rejecting his production as “way too gay.”

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