Comforting Skin – How Much Control Do Your Tattoos Have?

Comforting Skin is coming to DVD on May 21st. It looks like a psychological/horror terror ride that might make you think twice before getting your first, or next, tattoo.

Sheltering in a tattoo parlor one dreary night, Koffie (Victoria Bidewell of The L Word, AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem) is asked what she wants, and responds with “something unique.” When her new tattoo comes to life, stripping away her identity, coveting her completely and sabotaging her relationships, Koffie must look to herself for salvation – but how do you end a relationship existing in your heart and mind, and played out on your skin?

Comforting Skin

Anchor Bay Entertainment’s Susan Curran says of the film,

Comforting Skin is a smart independent film that presents a fresh take on the dark psychological thriller. Lead actress Victoria Bidewell gives it her all in a very brave performance as she falls into decidedly perverse love and descends into insanity.”

Victoria Bidewell won the Best Actress award at the Fantaspoa Film Festival 2012 (Brazil) for her strong performance as Koffie. Comforting Skin was also an official selection of the Vancouver International Film Festival 2011, Slamdance FilmFestival 2012, and the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival 2012.

Comforting Skin is the debut feature for writer/director Derek Franson, and is also the first feature film for producers Justin James and Andrew Webster. The story was written by Derek Franson roughly 13 years ago, and an attempt to produce the film was made in 2000, but when financing fell through, the production shut down after the first day of shooting. Ten years later, new low-cost digital production and animation technologies allowed Comforting Skin a long-awaited second chance of moving into production.

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