Death Valley High – In The Studio & Reveal Album Cover

death valley highDeath Valley High, the Northern California-based quartet, recently put out some footage of their recent studio work as they put in the hours for their third release, Positive Euth. Reyka Osborn, in the clip, reveals that they are recording 15 songs, which will be released in two formats, a 3-track EP and a 12-track full-lenght.

Jesse Nichols (The White Stripes, Ty Segall, AFI), Fantasy Studio engineer/producer, says in the clip that, “most bands that do this, that play in this kind of drop tuning and with this kind of fervor, aren’t necessarily very melodic or you can’t really dance or shake your ass to it.” I’d have to disagree with the Patrick Swayze clone on this. Many bands that play this kind of drop tuning, aka, heavy metal, have a groove that you can dance to, however, the intention of heavy metal isn’t to dance. If you want music to dance to, I suggest you listen to top 40 radio.

Osburn sums up Positive Euth:

“With Positive Euth, we turned everything up a notch. If it was dark, we went darker. If it was hard, we went harder and if it was dancy, we went, you guessed it… dancier.”

Positive Euth was produced by Osburn and Jesse Nichols, mixed by Eric Stenman (Weezer, Deftones), and mastered by Brian Gardner (Queens Of The Stone Age, Linkin Park). Positive Euth was recorded in late 2012 at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.

The band has two Northern California dates on the horizon:

April 21 – Sacramento, CA – The Townhouse
April 27 – San Francisco, CA – Broadway Studios

Rock Hard \m/


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