How Sweet, Fresh Meat – New Zealand Film Gets Interesting

Fresh MeatSorry for that title. I couldn’t help myself. This is not another Nightmare on Elm Street film, so I totally mislead you, but how often do you get to use that quote. Well, I guess if you work in a morgue, probably pretty often.

Anyway, onto the point. Fresh Meat is a piece of New Zealand cinema. It looks like such a riot that you might want to eat your viewing partner. Ah, there it is, the cannibal aspect. So, Fresh Meat tells the story of the Tan Gang, which recently escaped prison. The escape goes wrong, and in a desperate scenario, they chose to take hostage a middle-class family and their home.

Fine, right? Wrong. This particular family has changed their diet – to cannibalism. So, with the tables turned, and police entrenched outside, who will survive in this over-the-top, oversexed, action/thriller/horror?

Fresh Meat will be playing at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23, 2013.

Check out the fan-fucken-tastic trailer and let us know what you think.

Rock Hard \m/


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