Memory Garden Release “Daughters Of The Sea”

Memory Garden

Memory Garden

Swedish Doom Metallers, Memory Garden, have launched the third and final single, “Daughters of the Sea,” from their upcoming new album Doomain exclusively via

Check it out and let us know what you think. I believe you’ll find that it’s more Charred Walls of the Damned than Doom Metal. But that’s just me.

Doomain will be released April 12th/15th via Metal Blade Records in Europe and on April 16th in North America.

Doomain was recorded at Annoying Sound Factory & SolnaSound Recording by the band with a little engineering assistance from Mike Wead (King Diamond) during the lead guitar sessions. The mix was done by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

Comments the band:

“The recording of Doomain must be the most relaxed album session we’ve ever done. We recorded most of the album ourselves in our own studio and took the time we wanted and needed to get it done. Dan Swanö helped us getting the rig together and he provided us with the tools to do it and from there we did it ourselves. The lead guitar sessions were done at SolnaSound Recording by Simon & Mike Wead. When it all was done it was sent to Dan Swanö and Unisound for mix and mastering. The final album is amazing and we are so thrilled to get it out to all of you.”

Doomain will be released on vinyl, as a standard jewelcase-CD, and as a limited Digi-CD with a bonus CD! In North America, fans will be able to purchase Doomain through their favorite digital music providers.

The bonus-disc features unreleased and rare tracks and pre-production recordings for the album Verdict Of Posterity.

Doomain track listing:

1. The Evangelist
2. Latent Lunacy
3, Daughters of the Sea
4. Barren Lands
5. Violate & Create
6. Doomain
7. The King of the Dead
8. A Diabolical Mind
9. Misfortune

CD 2 (LTD ED):

“Covers recorded in 1998/1999 (unreleased/rare)”:
1. The Needle Lies (QUEENSRYCHE)
2. Nightmare Be Thy Name (MERCYFUL FATE)
3. Country Girl (BLACK SABBATH)
“Original Recording 1 (1998)”:
4. Carved in Stone
5. Outward Passage
6. The Sum of all Fear
“Original Recording 2 (1998)”:
7. Awkward Tale
8. Tragic Kingdom
9. Shadow Season

Rock Hard \m/

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