Seeker Streams “She” – Are You Ready To Be Violated?

Seeker Band Picture

Seeker Band Picture

Seeker is now streaming “She” at Instead of what you might expect to be a KISS cover, it’s a brutal and violent assault on your senses. Yes, even though it’s only an audio stream, the intensity of being slapped around silly by this song leaves you seeing stars and flashes of light. God forbid if you’re epileptic.

Given the dark and nightmare-inducing teaser videos, would you expect anything less than ear rape from Seeker’s tracks? Didn’t think so.

What’s great about Seeker is that they’ve figured out how to deliver full-throttle death with minor deviations from its purpose – enough to make their tracks interesting. So many young death bands come at you like a freight train with no brakes, and no ventures off the tracks. Seeker plays like a killer hummingbird: frenetic, shifty, and fast.

Enjoy “She” and…

Rock Hard \m/

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