Kvelertak – Meir (2013): Are You Ready For Monstrous Riffs?

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Relative newcomers to the hard rock/metal scene, Kvelertak, have just released their second full-length album, Meir (which translates to “more”). While a lot of pundits are calling the Norwegians “black metal,” there’s little, if any, resemblance to the genre on the new album. Yes, there are some gutturals on the album, but musically it’s mostly a ‘70s era affair mixed with some alternative metal that sounds an awful lot like Queens of the Stone Age.

None of this means that Meir is a bad album. On the contrary, it’s incredibly catchy without being annoying or cheesy, and it’s somewhat addictive with its subtle nuances that lead to new discoveries with each listen.

Their debut album was critically acclaimed, despite the lyrics being in Norwegian, with Kvelertak named as the Metal Breakthrough Artist and Erland Hjelvik being named to the top 10 list of metal vocalists in LA Weekly.

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Many fans of the debut album are claiming that it’s much better album than Meir, but the visceral feeling that comes with the opening track here, “Apenbaring,” carries its inspiration throughout the album… and the tone in the guitars is phenomenal. My favorite track, by far, is “Undertro.” And, yes, that’s the one that reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age. But it’s got a riff that’s just murderous.

Undertro by Kvelertak on Grooveshark

The Verdict: [rating:3]

If you’re in the mood for some guitar-based hard rock that flirts with some vicious metal, and you’d like to add some culture to your repertoire, Kvelertak’s Meir is something you’ll want. Yes, the album warrants repeat listens.

Rock Hard \m/

Kvelertak Meir

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Year Released:
25 March 2013
Roadrunner Records
Hardcore punk, black metal, heavy metal
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