Thief 4 Announcement Trailer Leaked [VIDEO]

Some fans of the original Thief series already hate the idea of a new installment in the stealth franchise because they feel it will be ruined by Eidos Montreal, you know the guys who made Deus Ex: Human Revolution two year ago. Hence, Thief 4 could be identical to that game according to the director. If you’re a fan of Human Revolution, then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you just need to come to terms now that the odds are there to be similar.

Thief 4

However, the good news is there’s still no real indication of what Thief 4 will be like since the leaked announcement trailer above does not reveal any gameplay footage, but a brief cinematic look enough to wet your pants for the time being.

Thief 4 is currently expected to be released for the PC, including next-gen consoles such as, PlayStation 4 and rumored Xbox 720.


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