Bates Motel (Season 1) – “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”

bates motel

bates motel

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In the second episode of Bates Motel, we’re still getting to know the characters, which includes the town, and being introduced to new ones.

White Pine Bay, the town, might turn out to be more than Norma could handle; it’s certainly not what she expected. After what befalls Bradley’s father, the pot field, and the burning body in the middle of town, it’s pretty clear that White Pine Bay has an underbelly of corruption and evil. The Bates should fit right in – if they don’t get caught killing or pissing off the wrong people.

bates motel

Sheriff Romero thoughtfully warned Mrs. Bates that you don’t want to be on his bad side. (Is it me, or does Nestor Carbonell always look like he’s wearing too much eyeliner?) Clearly, he takes part in the town’s crime, or at least turns a blind eye to it. After being caught in a lie by Romero, Norma quickly prostitutes herself to Deputy Zach Shelby in an effort to run some defense. Shelby, who’s obviously taken by Norma’s charm, does inform her that the town has its own way of dealing with things.

We also met Dylan, Norman’s half brother. Dylan isn’t too fond of his mother, and Norman takes offense to his mother being referred to as a whore. Under normal circumstances, this would be normal, but with the sexual tension between mother and son in this case, it’s pretty creepy.

bates motel

Nonetheless, Dylan found employment in the town’s underbelly rather quickly, and he also confirmed what we already knew – that Norma had killed her late husband.

Bates Motel is entertaining, although it’s been pretty linear so far. If the showrunners are going to keep our interest, Norman better skin a cat pretty soon. What sucks about a show like this, a prequel of sorts, we know that the main character will live no matter what situation we see him in.

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