Seeker Wants To Terrify You With New Teaser Trailer [VIDEO]

Since exploding onto the scene back in 2011, Seeker has been building a reputation, not just of being a brutal metal act, but of releasing the most disturbing teaser trailers. Last time it was for “Alone” with a repeated refrain of absolution or something inter cut with some old footage that conjured up religious feelings. This time around, Seeker has gotten even worse with the teaser trailer for “She.” Now there’s a creepy lullaby played over horrific imagery of cutting, bleeding, freaky circus acts, and more. Consider yourself warned as we consider ourselves affected.

Seeker Teaser Trailer

Man, do we love our horror and metal bumping uglies.

seekerThe point of it all is to cross promote “She,” to be released shortly, and the upcoming The Rise of Darkness Tour, which commences on April 5th. Forty Winters will join Seeker on the spring tour, which Seeker vocalist Bryce Lucien anticipates will be,

“absolute mayhem from start to finish. We couldn’t be more excited to have [Forty Winters] on the road with us next month.”

If you feel so inclined to catch a Seeker show, here are the dates:

Seeker on The Rise of Darkness Tour

4/05 – Dallas, TX @ Sons of Hermann Hall
4/06 – Austin, TX @ The Hole In The Wall
4/07 – McAllen, TX @ Nikki Rowe VFW
4/08 – El Paso, TX @ The War Room
4/09 – Tempe, AZ @ The Spot
4/10 – Yuma, AZ @ The Venue
4/11 – San Diego, CA @ VFW 3788
4/12 – Cupertino, CA @ The Refuge
4/13 – Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
4/14 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Eagles Lodge
4/16 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed
4/17 – Denver, CO @ The Roxy Theater
4/18 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios
4/19 – Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks
4/20 – Claremore, OK @ 18644 S. 4230 Rd.
4/21 – Shreveport, LA @ Mediastar Entertainment Hall

Rock Hard \m/

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