Intrusive Behaviour Is A Violation

Intrusive BehaviourI feel like I’ve just been violated. After watching the trailer for Intrusive Behavior, it’s clear that the movie is horrible. But you know what? I feel compelled to watch it. It seems to border more on the dramatic side of the fence, fucking with your head space, than the horror side, but I’m sure it’s horrific enough – anything with kids doing bad things is horrific in my books.

I kind of wonder if the tagline at the end of the trailer is a nod to its own badness as a film.

Intrusive Behavior synopsis:

After 10 year old Heidi is committed to an institution for behavioral problems, Her family moves on with their lives. When they are told Heidi has committed suicide they feel they can finally break free of the guilt of abandoning their child 15 years earlier. But all is not what it seems as the family is stalked by an intruder who has a debt to settle.

Intrusive Behavior was directed by Brian Troxell and stars Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff, Lorrie Remington, and Taylor Frase.

Rock Hard \m/

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