Suicide Monday: The Real Toxic Avenger

Toxic Suicide

Age: 24 (December 17, 1988)
Location: Oregon, USA
Hometown: Seattle, WA, but I’ll claim The Rose City
toxic suicide

Occupation: Naked Panhandling Ninja
Current crush: Boobs, yes I love boobs – and Megatron
Stats: Height: 5’3″, Weight: 115 lbs, Big D Boobies, Measurements: 32-24-35, Shoe size: 7.5,
Body mods: 6 piercings (Ears, Nipples, navel, and lip)… My twins… & for my tattoos… I have your name on my ass, Dexter my owl is at the top of my full back piece (in progress), Right sleeve is floral with a pin up witch in there somewhere (in progress), left sleeve is Dr. Seuss in progress, left arm right above my wrist it’s my hedwig and the angry inch tattoo, flip it over and it’s my friendship tattoo with the BFF, & Finally My nerdtastical stomach rocker which says “Decepticon”!
Gets me hot: Piercings, tattoos, a partner who knows what he or she is doing, dirty talk, oral sex, and that little grin a guy does when he wants something! Bad Robots, Roleplaying oh gosh yes!
Favorite position: Whatever position is getting me off at the time!
Makes me sad: Emo Exes, Emo people in general, Being Alone, Liars & cheaters, People Who are stuck up and whiny, Paris Hilton & Lady Gaga (Both are Blah and make me want to puke!)
toxic suicide
Bands: Porcelain & The Tramps, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin (yeah it’s a tie), Black Label Society, Megadeth, NIN, Korn, Sublime
Films: Sin City, Planet Terror, Cruel Intentions, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Super Bad, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, every Star Wars… I want to Bang Lord Vader, Life As A House, Transformers, Labyrinth
Books: Ella Enchanted, Bridge to Terribethia, Green Eggs & Ham, The Giving tree, My Sister’s Keeper, Lord of the Flies, Romeo & Juliet, The Notebook, A walk to Remember, Harry frickin Potter books
TV shows: Transformers (Mainly G1 & Beast Wars but I love them all!), South Park, Daria, The Simpsons, Sailor Moon, Big Bang Theory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Gundam Wing
Video Games: Final Fantasy VII, Ledgend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VIII, Donkey Kong, Eternal Champions, Tetris, Street Fighter II, Mario (The original on NES), Ledgend of Legia, Kingdom Hearts

Rock Hard \m/

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