Randy Blythe’s Trial Continues – Is Blythe Antisocial?

Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe

It’s no doubt been a long year for Lamb of God‘s frontman Randy Blythe, and he’s finally on the home stretch toward a decision. Court proceedings resumed today, March 4th, which saw testimony from a 19-year-old female fan and two security guards, as well as expert opinions from two psychologists regarding Blythe’s personality/character. Really? I think the fact that Blythe willingly went back to the Czech Republic for his trial speaks volumes about his character.

The female fan, reportedly, has testified that she saw Blythe throw the victim, Daniel Nosek, into the crowd, which spread apart, resulting in the injuries that led to Nosek’s death. One of the security guards testified that he did not see Blythe throw Nosek from the stage while the other guard testified that he saw Nosek being helped out of the venue.

One of the psychologists testified that Blythe could be antisocial, the other testified that Blythe doesn’t have all the characteristics of someone who is antisocial.

March 5th could be the day that the decision gets made as important testimonies will be given. George Strauss from the Prague Police will discuss the forensics of how Nosek would have had to fall in order to sustain those injuries and if that type of fall could have resulted from being pushed/thrown from the stage. After which, defense and prosecution will present their closing arguments before Blythe makes addresses the court.

If Blythe is convicted, he could face 10 years in prison. Nosek’s family is also seeking just over half a million dollars.

This trial could wrap up as soon as Thursday, March 7th.

I realize that we don’t have all the evidence or all the statements that have been made, but given what we know, should Blythe even be on trial? It’s a heavy metal concert – people get hit, punched, slapped, pushed, pulled… people stage dive, crowd surf, and much more. It’s the nature of heavy metal, and when fans buy tickets, they generally know what their in for. It’s kind of like buying a carton of milk, and then filing a grievance with the bottler for putting milk in the carton. Is this even a case?

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