Rare And Early Rage Against The Machine Performance Surfaces [VIDEO]

We posted a full Rage Against the Machine concert last week, and this week a very early Rage performance surfaces – and it’s a must see for any music fan.

The members look younger than young as they rock their hearts out at Zed Records in Long Beach back in 1992. The record store isn’t much bigger than a closet, and as is to be expected Rage does have some technical difficulties (feedback, mic amps going out, etc.), but they kept it professional and soldiered on unfazed.

Poster CowProd claims to have shot the video about 21 years ago using a two-camera setup, and the audio, despite the previously mentioned technical problems, is surprisingly good. It’s not great, but it’s better than smartphone footage. We’re thankful to CowProd for finally getting off his ass and making this material public.

Rage Against the Machine

If you’re a Rage fan, you’re going to love the rawness of “Settle for Nothing.” Here, Zack states, “All right, I just wrote the lyrics on this one. I got the sheet right here. So bear with me.” Now that’s beginnings.

Enjoy the video, and let us know what you think.

Rock Hard \m/


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