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rage against the machine

Not the first band to combine rap and hip-hop with metal, but certainly among the best and most successful at it. There were plenty of followers, but where are they now?

Emerging in 1991, Rage Against the Machine appealed to the grunge kids who were into Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, etc. Fact is, Rage fit into the then-called alternative music scene as well as any other band. It was a definite far cry from last wave of hair metal bands. However, Rage was offering something way different and much more technical than a lot of their contemporaries, and one could argue that they were a more important band than Nirvana.

This Dusseldorf concert took place in 2000, the year of the Rage Against the Machine’s split. They reformed in 2007, but have yet to release a new album.

Set List:

01 Testify
02 Guerilla Radio
03 People Of The Sun
04 Calm Like A Bomb
05 Bullet In The Head
06 The Ghost Of Tom Joad
07 Sleep Now In The Fire
08 Born Of A Broken Man
09 No Shelter
10 Enemy
11 War Within A Breath
12 Bulls On Parade
13 Freedom
14 Killing In The Name

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