Unless You Want To Be Possessed, Do Not Watch This

If you’ve just watched the teaser video (above) for Seeker‘s upcoming video, “Alone,” and you feel slightly evil and like you’re rotting from the inside, we don’t blame you. It’s compelling with near subliminal messages throughout.

“Alone,” which features Corey Bennet of Bermuda, will soon make its online debut, and you can bet it will be a visual experience. If there’s one thing to say about this young band, it’s that they are going after something visual, which is always welcome. In fact, Seeker proved their visual intentions last year, when the video for “Serpent Skin” (from their debut EP, The Antagonist) was released. There’s no short film incorporated into the music video, but some of the effects are definitely horror themed – and again, there’s the idea of possession when vocalist Bryce Lucien appears as a demon.

Seeker – “Serpent Skin”

After “Alone” is released, Seeker will embark on a U.S. tour with Corelia and I, Omega in February.

“We’re always excited to be on the road, and the fact that both bands are full of such outstanding musicians makes this tour even better,” said vocalist Bryce Lucien. “We’ve been working extremely hard to step up the insanity of our live show and we will be playing quite a bit of new material on this run, so we’re definitely ready to get back out in front of our old fans and hopefully make some new ones. Be on the lookout for a new song premiere in the coming weeks. See you on the road.”

Lucien also describes the band’s sound as, “fast, aggressive, pissed off heavy metal. Everything we do is very raw, passionate and honest.”

Seeker Band Picture

With new music on the horizon and a full touring schedule planned for the first half of the year, the current lineup – guitarist Justin Edgerton, vocalist Bryce Lucien, drummer Dustin Weaver and bassist Chris Keasler – is poised to take the band to the next level behind a blue-collar, DIY approach and a non-stop 2013 schedule.

“The fact that anyone cares and comes to our shows is something we’re always surprised by and very proud of,” added Lucien. “We’ve gotten to tour the country several times over, met a ton of really amazing people, and released music that we’re still excited to play every night…and we’ve done all of this completely on our own. We are DIY to our core. We realized very quickly that if we were going to make this happen we would have to step up and create our own future.”

Seeker on tour with Corelia and I, Omega

2/14 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
2/15 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Parish
2/16 – Tyler, TX @ The Oil Palace (Outrage Fest)
2/17 – Austin, TX @ The Hole in the Wall
2/18 – Roswell, NM @ The Unity Center
2/19 – Albuquerque, NM @ Amped Performance Center
2/20 – El Paso, TX @ Gallery 127
2/21 – Mesa, AZ @ The Nile Underground
2/22 – San Diego, CA @ The Epicenter
2/23 – Fullerton, CA @ The Anchor

Seeker on tour

3/14 – Austin, TX @ Death Metal Pizza
3/15 – Shreveport, LA @ Mediastar Entertainment Hall

Rock Hard \m/

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