Rob Zombie Teases Official Trailer With New Lords Of Salem Poster

The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem

There’s no doubt that horror fans are anxiously awaiting the theatrical release of Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, considering the initial response at TIFF was beyond positive, and the hype to see it is still very much on the minds of many curious fans. I can tell you that I’m easily one of them. I’m not so thrilled, however, that we still need to wait a few more months (it’s officially slated for theaters on April 26). The other shit side to this release is that Anchor Bay still has not revealed if it will go wide, unfortunately.

Until the distributor announces that detail, we will just need to sit back and hope for the best release possible. Fortunately, Rob Zombie was courteous enough to keep his followers in the loop and revealed that the official trailer for The Lords of Salem hits this week, along with a slick new “blue” teaser poster that reminds me of Kuopio Rockcock from Cradle of Filth. Check it out below!

I guess for now this will suffice, and we’ll keep you updated if anything else gets announced.

The Lords of Salem (2013)

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