Scream 4 Actress Lands A Role In Stephen King’s Under The Dome TV Series

Under the Dome, Britt Roberston

Under the Dome, Britt Roberston

Two week ago, we reported that Colin Ford (Supernatural) was cast to play Joe in CBS’ upcoming summer TV series adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Under The Dome. Ever since then, casting has been underway with the addition of Natalie Martinez (CSI: NY) and Alex Koch, who both recently secured roles in the series.

Martinez will play Lynda, a Sheriff located in the town of Chester’s Mill. She’ll have her work cut out for her as the town gets invaded by a supernatural force in the shape of a dome, which cuts off the outside world. Newcomer Alex Koch will play Junior Rennie, a disheartened college student in love with a waitress named Angie, who just wants to escape the town for good.

The latest name to be added to the ongoing recruit of cast members is Britt Robertson (pictured), who will play the aforementioned waitress. Robertson is known for her appearances in Scream 4 and The Secret Circle.

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